Slap your Pappy Good food!


Having been brought up in a household that was either gathered around the ball diamond or the dinner table, my passion for bringing people together over something that instills joy and happiness is part of who I am. Both my parents grew up in households that were blessed to have amazing women who knew their way around the kitchen. So every time I went to visit my grandparents’ house I was welcomed by the smells of their Southern kitchens. These intoxicating memories were the basis for my addiction to the kitchen. Sweet-T’s is an ode to the very foundation that was laid by my grandmothers and harbored by my parents who might I say are pretty damn good cooks themselves. Focusing on the flavors of the South and embodying the ideals of the Southern home where everyone is welcome is how we will open our doors to everyone to try our amazing foods. Once you’ve tasted the bourbon chicken, you’ll understand. After you finished your warm and fluffy beignets that were handed to you with a warm and fluffy smile, you will feel the touch of the South in your soul. Our food is made from scratch and prepared with love and passion for you to enjoy and feel a little closer to that welcoming Southern home where everyone is part of the family.